foolsFURY is thrilled to announce:

The 2016 FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble and Devised Theater!

from June 14-26
at Z Below, NOHspace, and Joe Goode Annex

Once every two years, we stage an electrifying gathering of collaborative theater makers from around the country.
Events include performances of stellar new works,the Raw Materials works-in-progress series, workshops, multidisciplinary convenings and conversations, and countless opportunities to rub elbows and cross pollinate with artists and audiences members alike.
The Main Stage Acts:

line of beauty
Deborah Slater Dance Theatre (San Francisco, CA) in


The Line of Beauty, Ch. 4 is a meditation on the everyday, using Jane Hirschfield’s poetry, original music by Albert Mathias, Lori B. & Fred Frith. For the Time Being is about what sustains life through the inevitable shifting from strength to nuance/experience? How do we endure loss, and how are we transfirgured? Original music by composer Darren Johnston.

June 15, 17, 19

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king lear
Independent Eye (Sebastapol, CA) in


A completely original take on Shakespeare’s classic with two actors and 28 delightfully macabre puppets. With Conrad Bishop as Lear and Elizabeth Fuller as the Fool.

June 14, 16, 18

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Studies of the strange
Green T Production (Minneapolis, MN) in

KAIDAN: Stories and Studies of the Strange

A collection of 19th-century Japanese Ghost stories brought to stage. Three tales are dramatized using Green T’s movement based performance style and live music to lend an unsettling creepiness.

June 21, 23, 25

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pep talk
Hand2Mouth (Portland, OR) in


Returning for their third FURY Factory appearance! Explore the power of the pep talk in our lives and learn that every person has the ability to both give and receive words of encouragement and motivation. “[Hand2Mouth has] the kind of promise, fearlessness and energy that the American theater needs…” —The Seattle Times

June 15, 17, 18

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Sokeo Ros (Providence, RI) in


An unique blend of hip-hop, Khmer dance, theater, story telling, and video! This inspiring one-man show shares Sokeo’s experiences from refugee camps, urban life, and overcoming the negative aspects of one’s environment.

June 22, 24, 26

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fail better
UMO Ensemble (Seattle, WA) in

FAIL BETTER: Beckett Moves UMO

This “love letter” to Samuel Beckett explores thoughts, themes, characters and images inspired by the tragicomic Irish writer. Fail Better takes the performers into the air on aerial ropes, balancing on a giant sculptural seesaw and reacting in a sonic world that is the imagined inside Beckett’s head.

June 16-19

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five small fires
Poor Dog Group (Los Angeles, CA) in


This play dramatizes an episode in the life of a group of young cultists who have returned home to Glendale, California after a stay in Costa Rica, while offering “a commentary on individualism, power, greed, excess, violence, and death”.

June 23, 25, 26

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Blessed Unrest
Bandelion (San Francisco, CA) in


Structured like a live music show, with a set list that allows opportunities for improvised stories, Blessed Unrest asks “What is in ‘unrest’ in each of our lives, and is there a ‘blessedness’ or ‘wholeness’ that can be found right in the middle of the uncertainty?”

June 22-25

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The Raw Materials Series:

FURY Factory “provides a rare opportunity for new work to gain critical feedback through performance and audience engagement,” says foolsFURY Co-Artistic Director Debórah Eliezer. “And it’s great for audiences which get to see multiple artists’ creations for a single ticket price.”

Program A
foolsFURY Fragments from Artaud’s Desk
NAKA Listen to the Gun (a excerpt from Race)
The Wayfinding Performance Group All that Remains
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Program B:
Critical Point Theatre Phreaking
Sandbox Theatre The Siege
Waypoints Ensemble The Price of Salt
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Program C:
Theater Novi Most RANT
Humdinger Ensemble Djilia
Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company Feed the Kitchen
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Program D:
foolsFURY (dis)Place[d]
foolsFURY Sheryl, Hamlet and Me.
Metzcatl-Moon Rope Theatre When They Come Like Whispers (An Excerpt of “The Old Winds”)
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Program E:
Bird on a Wire For Those Who Cannot Fly
13th Floor Next Time, I’ll Take the Stairs
Uplift Physical Theater The Many (Illustrious, Remarkable, Hungry, Lonely) Children of Francis LeMoore
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Take a workshop with a FURY Factory artist or master instructor and get the inside scoop on the process of creating ensemble performance! This year’s dynamic offerings will challenge and delight your notions of how to make theater. All experience levels welcome.

Elizabeth Klob/UMO (Seattle)
Date & Time: Sunday, June 19, 12-3pm
UMO Ensemble Moves YOU…
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Jesse Bonnell/Poor Dog Group (LA)
Date/Time: Saturday, June 25th, 10:30am-3pm
New Theater: On Crafting Original Performance
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Lanny Harrison (New York)
Date/Time: Sunday, June 26, 1:30-5:30pm
Contemplative Characters: East Meets West
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