Course Offerings:

In addition to all the workshops currently offered by foolsFURY Theater, we can also tailor a course to your group’s needs. From 1-day group classes to 5-day team-building immersion experiences, foolsFURY will help your group achieve their highest level of success.

Some of our clients include:

HAAS School of Business Alumni Association
Mountain View High School
Brown University
UC Irvine MFA Program

For more details: Please contact Debórah Eliezer

PAST foolsFURY workshops held in 2013:

Intro to Physical and Vocal Techniques: foolsFURY Fundamentals
Sunday, January 6th 2013, 11am-5pm

This one-day intensive will introduce some of the fundamental physical and vocal skills used by foolsFURY Theater. This includes superb training in the Viewpoints, the Suzuki method of actor training, vocal improvisation, solo and group singing and more. We will also employ ensemble performance skills. Suitable for all levels of experience, from professional performer to theater enthusiast. This is a wonderful opportunity to brush up on skills you already use or expose yourself to new performance ensemble training methods.
About the Instructors: Taught by a team of foolsFURY Theater instructors including Debórah Eliezer, Ben Yalom, Brian Livingston and Michelle Haner.
Contact: Debórah Eliezer with any questions you may have at:

Actor-Chorus-Text Master Class:
Musicality, Movement & Text with master instructor, Anna-Helena McLain

Direct from Europe, this taster session is an ideal introduction to the rich and intensive training that UK director, Anna-Helena McLean brings to California for the first time, rooted in 7 years as a core member of Poland’s Gardzienice Centre. Co-led by Actor-Chorus-Text ensemble members Anirudh Nair and Chris-Gerard Heyward this masterclass is suitable for people from all backgrounds. Participants get a dynamic feel for the breath, rhythm, music & song, partner work, speech & word, the art of the hands – gesture, ensemble play and physicality that Moon Fool has developed through extensive practical research into archetypes in Shakespeare and cross disciplinary exchange. For more information:

Behind the Mic:
improvisation & character development for voice acting
with Debórah Eliezer, Co-Artistic Director, foolsFURY Theater
Interested in taking your voice and character work to the next level? Then this is the workshop for you! This intensive workshop will focus on using integrated voice and movement skills to develop unique characters for use in scripted scenes and improvisation for theater and voiceover. Through a range of integrated vocal and movement exercises, group improvisation, partner work and individual mic time, students will expand their expressive range, make strong choices and learn how to self-direct. Work with professional voiceover scripts and improvised dialogue within a scene. Learn mic techniques to help demystify the niche market of voice acting.
This workshop is recommended for professional actors interested in voiceover work, performers or teachers who want more voice skills, improvisers, movers who speak, voice actors who want to take their performance to the next level, and anyone who wants to gain greater voice-body integration and have fun. No experience necessary. Class size is limited to 14. Dress to move and bring water.

About the Instructor:
Debórah Eliezer, Associate Artistic Director of foolsFURY Theater and Voiceover Actor, offers a rare group workshop. A supportive, experienced instructor, Debórah draws from her professional career as actor/ choreographer on stage, the healing arts and years of experience behind the mic and on camera. She coaches for theater, voiceover and camera in San Francisco and produces voiceover demo cds. Recent voiceover credits include: more than 250 “As Seen On TV” products, video game, over 35 Leapfrog Toys, Dora the Explorer commercial on Nickelodeon, The Godfather, Sands of Destruction & Sims3 video game, the number one bestselling video game of all time.
Contact: Debórah Eliezer with any questions you may have at:

Listen to Debórah and a colorful cast of characters describe the workshop!: