2016 Upcoming Classes:

The Six Viewpoints and Philosophy

Saturday, Nov. 5th 12-5pm
Sunday, Nov. 6th 12-3pm
CounterPulse upstairs, 80 Turk Street, SF 94102
$75 Nonrefundable deposit saves your space!

What is the importance of philosophy in creativity?
What is the Viewpoints philosophy?
What is the role of philosophy in art?
What is the philosophy behind your own creative process?

Join Mary Overlie, originator of the Viewpoints in a rare Bay Area workshop!

The workshop will start with a rapid showing of work that the precipitants either bring or make in a short work session of twenty minutes at the top of the workshop. The works may not be longer than three minutes. There will then be a twenty minute discussion of anything that stands out as philosophy in these small performances. We will then perform various large group improvisations drawn from the Six Viewpoints SSTEMS and Bridge.

The goal of the workshop is to make a space for philosophy and invite it to join us in whatever forms it takes, however we can recognize it.

The workshop is ideal for dancers, actors, teachers, philosophers, and anyone interested in accessing new perspectives of self and our own creative development.

Mary Overlie, originator of The Six Viewpoints, is a reserved, quiet, powerful and unique figure this century’s tendencies to make a reputation and name for oneself before becoming a contributor to the arts community. She has studiously erased boundaries, cross pollinated influences and developed a theory that makes participation in art a much more fluid medium. Her voice draws from a remote childhood in the American west, a coming of age in the wave of flower children, meditation and health food in San Francisco and then bringing these influences with her to New York, Soho in 1970. She took her first steps as a young artist and simultaneously a student as a recipient of the art being forged by Postmodern Dance luminaries as Yvonne Rainer, Steve Paxton, Lucinda Childs. She has achieved national and international fame for her theory the Six Viewpoints and has contributed vastly to the New York dance and theater scene in starting Movement Research, establishing Danspace and in her own choreography. She has also contributed essential educational value by incorporating the Six Viewpoints as a foundation of the curriculum to the Experimental Theater Wing at New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Her first completed book on the Six Viewpoints theory, Standing in Space, is now available to the dance, theater and arts community.

Details and Registration*: register early, this event will sell out!
Registration: https://www.artful.ly/store/events/10151
$75 nonrefundable deposit holds your slot (goes toward your tuition balance)
$225 General Entrance

Drop-in training – playLAB series
Join foolsFURY for an evening or 3 of ensemble theater training and experimentation in 2016!

EXPAND your expressive range

RELEASE unwanted physical and vocal habits

DEVELOP a greater awareness of time and space on stage

UNLOCK your fullest potential for performance success

How do we practice dropping in to our most expressive self? How do we use this practice for optimum collaboration, communication and creation?
Drop in. Find out.

These 3 sessions of training led by Co-Artistic Director, Debórah Eliezer and Core Company member Brian Livingston will inspire your imagination, voice, and body. We will be exploring new work for the BRIDGE Culminating Project. Discover and explore new play development from seedling to blossom.

Skills may include but are not limited to: Suzuki, Viewpoints, vocal training and vocal improvisation, singing, and composition work.

You are encouraged to attend all sessions for maximum fun and enjoyment.

Prep: Dress to move and bring a water bottle. We will work without shoes.

Arrival Details: Please make every effort to arrive 10-15 minutes before class. Check in with the security guard at the front desk and present your ID. Text Deborah at 415-595-4207 and we will come get you.


Intersection for the Arts
901 Mission St #306
San Francisco CA 94103