Summer Classes:

Master Class in Clown:
Skill Integration with Jaron Aviv & Slater Penny
presented by foolsFURY as part of the FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble Theater
with Jaron Aviv Hollander & Slater Penny
July 13, 10am-1pm at Joe Goode Annex

Can you, burp the alphabet, sing opera, play the kazoo, decorate a cake, solve a rubics cube, fold a paper crane, dance ballet on point, stand on one hand or make fart sounds in your arm pit? Any skill can be a vehicle for narrative. This master class in physical theatre lead by former Cirque du Soleil performer Jaron Hollander and Emmy Award winner Slater Penney explores how tricks and narrative can be combined to create truly virtuosic performances.

Something from Nothing:
A workshop in theatrical creation
presented by foolsFURY as part of the FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble Theater
Saturday & Sunday, July 19th and 20th, 12-5pm
Z Below Theater, 450 Florida St, SF
Quinn Bauriedel/Pig Iron Theatre
Great plays are far more than words on a page. They embody an ever-expanding set of skills: presence, musicality, tension, story, character, specific relationships with an audience, light, space, gestures, dialogue, monologue, stillness, climaxes and a specific heart-beat. These are the tools we use to build a work of theatre from the simplest of origins – a set of questions, or a piece of music that moves something in us, or a unique space.

Where do we go from there? SOMETHING FROM NOTHING is a workshop on devised theatre, tracing the journey from a single impulse to a full performance. Alongside improvisations to find theatrical sparks with the starting material, we train specific skills so that the resulting pieces are crafted with attention to the smallest detail

foolsFURY Drop-in Training Spring 2014 Session
Professional Training for the Ensemble Theater Maker
10-12pm, Fridays May 16 & 23
Kunst stoff arts, 1 Grove st., Downtown SF
Civic center bart, above the Burger King, entrance across from Main Library doors
$20 drop in
This weekly 2-hr training lead by Co-Artistic Director, Debórah Eliezer and foolsFURY members will inspire your imagination, voice and body. Skills may include but are not limited to: Suzuki, Viewpoints, vocal training and vocal improvisation, singing, and composition work. You are encouraged to attend all sessions, however drop-in students are welcome.