“[foolsFURY] does us an enormous favor by introducing magical realist Melquiot to our shores.”

- Time Out New York on The Devil on All Sides

Contemporary French Plays Project

With the support of a grant from the Florence Gould Foundation, foolsFURY has begun a three-year project to read, translate, and present works by leading contemporary Francophone playwrights.

Many contemporary French playwrights reflect a unique tradition of developing non-naturalistic styles and encouraging highly physical performances. We believe that there is a growing interest in and call for such work, but there are comparatively few American playwrights working in this tradition. Beyond identifying and performing exciting new French plays, we believe that such artistic collaboration is essential to revitalizing the long tradition of exchange, support and friendship that binds France and the United States.

The first project undertaking was the translation and production of Fabrice Melquiot’s Le Diable en Partage (The Devil on All Sides), which we presented to enormous critical acclaim in San Francisco and New York (2006/7). We are pleased to announce that our next texts in translation will be two of M. Melquiot’s work for all ages, Le Monde Inoui (The Unheard of World), and L’Albatross (The Albatross).

Project Goals:

The Contemporary French Plays Project is led by directors Michelle Haner and Franck Bessone. For further information, please contact Michelle Haner at michelleh@foolsfury.org.