Bandelion (San Francisco, CA) in

About the Show:
Under the direction of Eric Kupers, San Francisco-based Bandelion joins members of Paufve Dance and Theater Grottesco in the world premiere of Blessed Unrest. Structured like a live music show, with a set list that allows opportunities for improvised stories, Blessed Unrest asks “What is in ‘unrest’ in each of our lives, and if there is a ‘blessedness’ or ‘wholeness’ that can be found right in the middle of the uncertainty?”

Blessed Unrest is created with and performed by Bandelion: Bruce Bierman, Chris Evans, Christof Gallegos, Dawn Holtan, Corissa “Reese” Johnson, Nils Jorgensen, Eric Kupers, Keith Penney, and Frances Sedayao.

About the Company:
Bandelion names a subset of interdisciplinary artists within Dandelion Dancetheater. Dandelion is situated at the crossroads of dance, theater, music, community activism, healing, and new performance forms. The company is committed to the individual and intersecting artistic visions of Kimiko Guthrie and Eric Kupers. Their work is built from a fascination with interdisciplinary experimentation, in-depth collaboration, vulnerability, risk-taking, and the truths that come from looking at the world from an “outsider” perspective. W view the exploration of the endless possibilities of the human body as a potent means for personal and collective growth and share this exploration with diverse populations through performance, teaching, speaking, community events, video, and writing.

As an organization, Dandelion Dancetheater is a launching pad and creative home for several ongoing, in-depth projects. Most projects involve multiple branches of Dandelion, and so stretch across categories.

June 22 7:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex
June 23 7:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex
June 24 9:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex
June 25 6:30 pm at Joe Goode Annex

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