Photo: Dan Norman & Twin Cities Horror Fest

Green T Productions (Minneapolis, MN) in
KAIDAN: Stories and Studies of the Strange

About the Show:
“Kaidan: Stories and Studies of the Strange” was created for the Twin Cities Horror Festival and played at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis from Oct 22 – Nov 1, 2015. The show is inspired by Lufcadio Hearn’s 19th century collection of Japanese ghost stories. Three tales are dramatized using Green T’s movement based performance style and live music to lend an unsettling creepiness.

The three tales are:
Jikininki: the story of a greedy priest reborn as a hungry ghost, condemned to devour corpses; Yuki Onna: the tale of a snow demoness; and Oshidori: the heartbreaking story of a hunter haunted by the spirit of a bird he widowed.

In order for an audience to feel the full impact of Kaidan it must be experienced live. The production was created for a horror festival. It is not a typical “jump scare” horror show but more elegant, with moody music and movement based performance meant to illicit a feeling of melancholy and dread. To this end, the show depends on the connection between audience and actors that can only be achieved when they are in the same room together.

About the Company:
Green T Productions’ mission is to produce visually stunning, mind-stirring, movement-oriented, multi-disciplinary physical theater that artistically challenges performers and audiences. With the artistic leadership of Dr. Kathy Welch, who trained intensively in Asian theater forms at the University of Hawaii and in Japan, the Green T ensemble core-group studies and trains together drawing on a variety of world theatrical traditions, integrating them into their own unique style, using movement in creative ways to visually tell a story. We believe in artistic cross-pollination and actively seek artistic collaborators. Green Ts performances have been described as “actor-based story telling” and “inspirational, thought-provoking & innovative”

Green T Productions has been producing theatre in the Twin Cities since 1999. Our early productions drew heavily from Asian performance styles such as Japanese kabuki, Balinese kecak and Vietnamese water puppetry. In recent years Green T has been experimenting with a multi-cultural process. Under the guidance of master artists, we study theatrical and artistic styles, techniques and viewpoints from outside the standard Euro-American theater approaches and use them to create theater.

June 21 9:00 pm at NOHspace
June 23 8:30 pm at NOHspace
June 25 8:30 pm at NOHspace

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