June 14 8:00 pm at Z Below
June 16 8:00 pm at Z Below

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The Raw Materials series portion of the festival showcases works-in-progress. It provides a way for ensembles who produce devised work the opportunity to gain critical feedback through performance and audience engagement. Come see adventurous new works of theater at the point of their creation.

foolsFURY Partners with LMDA for the 3rd Time!
Third time’s a charm…LMDA (Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas) is partnering with foolsFURY to provide dramaturgs for Raw Materials, the works-in-progress series of the FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble and Devised Theater, performing at San Francisco’s Project Artaud June 14-26, 2016. Our five dramaturgs will lead talkbacks for the 15 works-in-progress of Raw Materials on their second performance nights, all at Z Below. The Dramaturgy Facilitator for this year’s partnership is LMDA Member Emily DeDakis. Learn more at: www.lmda.org/region/metrobayarea.

Want a trip down memory lane? Read about our previous partnership on Raw Materials in FURY Factory 2014, written by LMDA Regional VP Southwest Scott Horstein: click here.

The Dramaturg for Raw Materials Program A is Maddie Gaw, and the Thursday, June 16, 8pm show features talkbacks for each company.

foolsFURY Fragments from Artaud’s Desk

foolsFURY core member Brian Livingston is the lead artist in the first of three foolsFURY “Group:Solo” projects in this year’s Festival. Each piece is led by a single artist, but generated through a variety of collaborative techniques. While it is possible that some of these may eventually take a form which includes other performers, they have initially all been conceived as solo performances. Livingston’s Fragments from Artaud’s Desk presents “a whirlwind of a ride through Antonin Artaud’s prescriptions for the theater. It is a highly physical event, teetering between madness and clarity, life and death.” Most recently Livingston performed the role of Balthazar in the world premiere of The Unheard of World by French playwright Fabrice Melquiot.

NAKA Listen to the Gun (an excerpt from Race)
RACE offers a close look at the social and human cost of the upcoming summer Olympics in Brazil, a developing country with immense wealth and vast poverty. The displacement of poor people, swept aside to make way for massive and costly Olympic stadiums, is analogous to conflicts now playing out in San Francisco, where the tech boom is ousting the city’s most vulnerable residents, urging us to perform Faster/Higher/Stronger. RACE is a multidisciplinary performance that will premiere in late Summer and Fall 2016 as part of Dancers’ Group’s ONSITE program at locations in and around the Tenderloin National Forest (TNF), the 509 Cultural Center’s outdoor arts and community venue.

Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theater (NAKA) was founded in 2001 by co-conspirators José Navarrete and Debby Kajiyama. They create interdisciplinary performance works for the stage, street corners, & site-specific environments. Driven by a curiosity about people’s histories, they often make work about the awkward, the vulnerable, the underdog. Since 2006, we have created work addressing our deepening concern with social and environmental issues. Recent themes include: genetic modification of native crops, cultural colonization, the privatization of water, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, racial profiling and state sponsored terror. NAKA uses art installation and multimedia to complement the intense physicality of live performance.

The Wayfinding Performance Group All that Remains
All that Remains is a series of physical journeys exploring themes of loss, impermanence, and the way we leave marks in the world. Our sources of inspiration are human relationships, nature’s patterns, light and darkness, and liminal spaces. Through movement, imagery and sound, we coax the body and enter the “in-between” spaces where we ask questions, play, get lost, and rediscover ourselves and each other.

The Wayfinding Performance Group is directed by Joy Cosculluela with collaborators/performers Jessica Brown, Tomoko Hiraoka, and Bricine Mitchell. We are a collaborative group of women dance artists dedicated to excavating, shaping, and reshaping personal material into the performing arts.

“In our creative process, everyone’s voices become input to way the show is being shaped. As director, I don’t work in a traditional choreographic structure. Instead, I devise scores for the performers so that they respond from their own kinesthetic bodily understanding. I help shape and develop the material and am in dialog and feedback with them about the material as it lands, shifts, and transforms. A large part of our work is reflecting and and recycling the material together. My role is to oversee the whole production and make the ultimate artistic decisions, but the performers are integral and vital collaborators to the process and making of the performance.”