June 18 9:30 pm at Z Below
June 19 6:00 pm at Z Below

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The Raw Materials series portion of the festival showcases works-in-progress. It provides a way for ensembles who produce devised work the opportunity to gain critical feedback through performance and audience engagement. Come see adventurous new works of theater at the point of their creation.

foolsFURY Partners with LMDA for the 3rd Time!
Third time’s a charm…LMDA (Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas) is partnering with foolsFURY to provide dramaturgs for Raw Materials, the works-in-progress series of the FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble and Devised Theater, performing at San Francisco’s Project Artaud June 14-26, 2016. Our five dramaturgs will lead talkbacks for the 15 works-in-progress of Raw Materials on their second performance nights, all at Z Below. The Dramaturgy Facilitator for this year’s partnership is LMDA Member Emily DeDakis. Learn more at: www.lmda.org/region/metrobayarea.

Want a trip down memory lane? Read about our previous partnership on Raw Materials in FURY Factory 2014, written by LMDA Regional VP Southwest Scott Horstein: click here.

The Dramaturg for Raw Materials Program C is Michael Moerman, and the Sunday, June 19, 6pm show features talkbacks for each company.

Theatre Novi Most RANT
RANT is a performance based on R. Buckminster Fuller’s two day lecture “Everything I know” and a cable talk show on Manhattan Cable Television called “Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer”. Harold Channer is 82 and lives in Manhattan where he survives on social security and produces a public access tv talk show with a remarkably large following. For 40 years “Conversations” has been a vehicle for Harold to meet and talk with all sorts of people as part of his very earnest plan to “change the world by combining and channeling a comprehensive human synthesis of all human knowledge toward solving the world’s problems”. He believes this is possible and like his role model Fuller, he will surrender neither his quest nor his optimism. His list of 3,000 guests includes Yasser Arafat, John Lilly, Judith Malina and Julian Beck, Joseph Campbell, Muammar Gaddafi and R. Buckminster Fuller among many other heads of state, intellectuals, artists, educators and designers.

Theatre Novi Most was founded by American director Lisa Channer and Russian director Vladimir Rovinsky in 1998. They settled in Minneapolis in 2008 and have since grown to an ensemble of 10- 12 fluid and core actors, designers, artists and writers. The company “synthesizes Russian and American artistic practices to bridge seemingly disparate ideas”. We tend to pick large unwieldy topics, often historical, and slow cook them with a collaborative team of actors, designers and writers. The group working on RANT are all core company members (except Carra Martinez who has just joined us in June 2014 for this project) and our process is deeply collaborative.

Humdinger Ensemble Djilia
“Djilia” is an original fairy tale, inspired by and drawn from the traditional tales of European gypsies. The word djilia is a gypsy word for songs dealing with the epic aspects of the life of the gypsy, formalized and poetic in expression. These stories are full of fantastic possibilities, magic, and unbridled imagination, and we are captivated by the joy with which they’re told. The piece will use original masks, live music, and dynamic movement to take our audience on a journey of wonder. The final piece hopes to be dangerous but hopeful, heartbreaking and heartwarming. Talking animals, acrobatic monsters, singing heroes and magical objects are a few of the elements to expect in this family-friendly show.

Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company Feed the Kitchen
The proposed project is a physical theatre/live music show that includes dance, live music, puppetry, acting and the audience being served a three-course meal. Feed the Kitchen is the story of an aspiring restaurant chef who is cooking a sit-down dinner for fifty, while struggling with both the concrete and existential challenges of creating art and serving it to an audience. It is a piece of physical theatre/live music show that includes dance, live music, puppetry, acting and the audience being served a three-course meal. The piece explores the same period of time from two different perspectives, the kitchen’s and the dinner guests. This Raw Materials sneak previews 10 or 20 min of the work (including the meal? Probably not.)

Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company is the creative project of San Francisco-based artist Megan Finlay.