June 21 7:00 pm at Z Below
June 23 9:00 pm at Z Below

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The Raw Materials series portion of the festival showcases works-in-progress. It provides a way for ensembles who produce devised work the opportunity to gain critical feedback through performance and audience engagement. Come see adventurous new works of theater at the point of their creation.

foolsFURY Partners with LMDA for the 3rd Time!
Third time’s a charm…LMDA (Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas) is partnering with foolsFURY to provide dramaturgs for Raw Materials, the works-in-progress series of the FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble and Devised Theater, performing at San Francisco’s Project Artaud June 14-26, 2016. Our five dramaturgs will lead talkbacks for the 15 works-in-progress of Raw Materials on their second performance nights, all at Z Below. The Dramaturgy Facilitator for this year’s partnership is LMDA Member Emily DeDakis. Learn more at: www.lmda.org/region/metrobayarea.

Want a trip down memory lane? Read about our previous partnership on Raw Materials in FURY Factory 2014, written by LMDA Regional VP Southwest Scott Horstein: click here.

The Dramaturg for Raw Materials Program D is Quest Zeidler, and the Thursday, June 23, 9pm show features talkbacks for each company.

foolsFURY (dis)Place[d]
(dis)Place[d]: the presence of absence explores the 2500 year-old history of the Iraqi Jewish community, shining a light on the personal stories and unique journeys of immigrants and refugees. Created by foolsFURY co-artistic director Debórah Eliezer in collaboration with the ensemble, this interdisciplinary work of song, movement, projection, and character explores the nature of identity-Jewish, American, and Arab-and its intersection with place over several generations.

foolsFURY Sheryl, Hamlet and Me.
foolsFURY core member Michelle Haner, who translated and directed last fall’s world premiere The Unheard of World, is the lead artist on the second of three foolsFURY Group:Solo projects in this year’s Festival. Through the lens of three figures-herself with a career in the arts and education; Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg; and Shakespeare’s tragic prince of Denmark – Haner explores what it means to be an ambitious woman in the 21st century. The piece is titled Sheryl, Hamlet and Me.

Metzcatl-Moon Rope Theatre When They Come Like Whispers (An Excerpt of “The Old Winds”)
This piece one of three that will explore what the ancient Mexican/Nahuatl tradition calls “the old winds”, each one using a different artistic medium. These “Aires” or emotional winds that we carry from our personal, karmic, and ancestral pasts work within our unconscious, encouraging us to repeat limiting, depleting and traumatic patterns in our lives. When They Come Like Whispers, specifically, is a collaboration between 3 dancers; this work in progress aims to create a contagion of emotion shared with the audience and pushed towards the point of recognition and release. Though most of the movement is choreographed, each performance will vary depending on the nuance of improvised dance moments, the relationship to audience, and the manner in which the performance and ritual elements combine to create a dream landscape.

The name Metzmecatl-Moon Rope Theatre comes from the Nahuatl words Metzli (moon) and Mecatl (rope or lineage). Their vision is to create a strongly imagistic, surrealist style of theatre rooted in physical metaphor, the absurd, the poetic, the abstract, as well as the daring vulnerability and polished aesthetic that invites us to enter with our dreaming minds. Under the artistic direction of Melusina Gomez, they work as a collaboration of performance artists with a shared background in creating original solo and ensemble work in experimental performance, butoh dance, physical theatre and theatrical clowning, who also share an interest in the subtle effects of theatre and dance as a communal ritual act.