June 24 7:00 pm at Z Below
June 25 8:30 pm at Z Below

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The Raw Materials series portion of the festival showcases works-in-progress. It provides a way for ensembles who produce devised work the opportunity to gain critical feedback through performance and audience engagement. Come see adventurous new works of theater at the point of their creation.

foolsFURY Partners with LMDA for the 3rd Time!
Third time’s a charm…LMDA (Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas) is partnering with foolsFURY to provide dramaturgs for Raw Materials, the works-in-progress series of the FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble and Devised Theater, performing at San Francisco’s Project Artaud June 14-26, 2016. Our five dramaturgs will lead talkbacks for the 15 works-in-progress of Raw Materials on their second performance nights, all at Z Below. The Dramaturgy Facilitator for this year’s partnership is LMDA Member Emily DeDakis. Learn more at: www.lmda.org/region/metrobayarea.

Want a trip down memory lane? Read about our previous partnership on Raw Materials in FURY Factory 2014, written by LMDA Regional VP Southwest Scott Horstein: click here.

The Dramaturg for Raw Materials Program E is Emily DeDakis, and the Saturday, June 25, 8:30pm show features talkbacks for each company.

Bird on a Wire For Those Who Cannot Fly
Say Bird on a Wire—”Over the past two years, we have been researching lines and walls: borders between countries (and states), prison walls, racist redlining, train tracks, and other lines/walls that divide space that used to be whole. As part of that research, we have also been visiting these places, collecting observations, stories, and our own visceral responses. Now we are in the process of funneling our research and experiences into a performance exploring how a line or wall impacts the environment, people, and cultures it divides or interrupts. We are starting with questions, and are drawing on specific stories and experiences to explore those questions…”

Bird on a Wire is an ever-transforming ensemble of artists who work across geographical distance to create original, physically engaging and visually dynamic performances that activate dialogue within communities. Projects tend to be multi-disciplinary in form and process, bringing together people from artistically diverse backgrounds. We have developed a variety of techniques (and will continue to develop more) of working from afar for large portions of the developmental process. This distance connects to our theme of barriers and walls, as we will need to connect somehow through the barrier of distance and screens.

13th Floor Next Time, I’ll Take the Stairs
Take a ride on the Otis People Mover, a cursed elevator that doesn’t always take you where you need to go. Follow the adventures of Otis, Ivy, Arthur, Norris and Rabbit as they tumble down the elevator shaft into a multi-storied world, inhabited by the shades of previous riders. Down is up, up is nowhere, and the memories of who you were can be re-formed by the stranger standing next to you. 13th Floor utilizes its unique brand of dark humor, sharp writing, and propulsive movement to bring this original new story to life on stage. The environment which the characters inhabit is not subject to the normal laws of physics; the space can contract, expand, turn upside down, or break into dozens of different rooms. This allows a multitude of movement options to enhance the script and character development, utilizing the company’s collective skills in dance, acrobatics, fight choreography, and martial arts.

Called out in the SF Chronicle as “that rare aggregation that moves as deftly as it delivers dialog”, 13th Floor is darkly comic theater that moves. Their original scripted plays won’t hold still – they are funny and wicked and intelligent, often with a literary bent. In creating new work, they begin with a concept (in this year’s project, a cursed elevator ride), work as an ensemble to create characters to inhabit the concept, and start writing, improvising, and making movement to craft the story. While Jenny McAllister writes the majority of the dialog, the story, characters and movement are shaped collectively by the ensemble. Direction is shared/swapped based on a number of variables, and the company members work constantly to share their various skills – theater, dance, acro/circus, fight choreography and martial arts – and take workshops and classes together in different disciplines.

Uplift Physical Theater The Many (Illustrious, Remarkable, Hungry, Lonely) Children of Francis LeMoore
Program Description TBD, check back here soon!