UMO Ensemble (Seattle, WA) in
FAIL BETTER: Beckett Moves UMO

About the Show:
A love story, between UMO and Beckett. With a teeter totter. And ropes.

“Ever tried, ever failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail Better.” – Samuel Beckett
UMO explores the thoughts, themes, characters and images inspired by the writing of Samuel Beckett with FAIL BETTER, their critically acclaimed love letter to Samuel Beckett. This exploration takes them into the air on aerial ropes, balancing on a giant sculptural teeter totter and reacting in a sonic world that is the imagined inside of Beckett’s head.

“A brilliantly performed and orchestrated show… an artistic postcard from the edge of reality well worth going to see, hear, feel and experience.” – L. Steven Sieden, Huffington Post

About the Company:
UMO’s mission is to stir the human spirit and incite the imagination by providing awe, challenge and inspiration through original and compelling physical theatre. They are a theatre of connection-to their audience, to the ensemble, to their bodies, to the imagination. Their work is image-rich and physical. They work with a broad palette, combining character, movement, music, sculpture and story. They seek the ancient alchemy of live performance, through which thoughts and images under the surface of culture are given voice and form.

UMO began their creative collaboration in 1987. The company is committed to an Ensemble of performers who create and compose their own productions. The Ensemble’s creative process is rooted in physical theatre. Improvisations in movement, character, vocalizing, and writing are the basis for the creation and development of new works. For each piece there is a member of the Ensemble who serves as artistic instigator, holding the larger picture in mind. Since their arrival on Vashon Island in 1989, UMO Ensemble has created over 30 original works for the theatre.

June 16 6:30 pm at Joe Goode Annex
June 17 9:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex
June 18 6:30 pm at Joe Goode Annex
June 19 6:30 pm at Joe Goode Annex

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