The BRIDGE Program for Early Career Theater Artists

BRIDGE the gap from school to real-world professional experience.

FoolsFURY is proud to present the 2015/16
BRIDGE Apprentice Culminating Performance

April 15th, 8pm and 16th, 5pm & 8pm
Intersection for the Arts, 925 Mission St, Ste 306, SF 94103
artist Q & A to follow each performance
“It’s about emotionally handicapped gay demons.”

Lydia Raag’s new short play is about three demons with some human-like problems. One young demon makes the biggest mistake of their demonic life that may (or may not) destroy the rest of all of their lives. Armas, Lembit and Erastus wrestle with friendship, loss, power and the value of feelings in this humorous take on hell and humanity. Don’t miss this new work from this early-career artist on the rise!
Lydia K. Raag is a performing artist, science enthusiast, and the current FoolsFURY BRIDGE Apprentice. Before their work with foolsFURY, they spent many years working with Ragged Wing Ensemble, and most recently finished directing a play with Berkeley Independent Theater Projects.
BRIDGE: Building Relationships In Deliberate Group Ensemble

The BRIDGE (Building Relationship In Deliberate Group Ensemble) Apprenticeship Program bridges the journey from school to a professional career in the theater. Through professional training, mentorship and skill-building, each participant works alongside theater pros and creates a project from start to finish.

“The process of getting the play from the page to the stage is really a group process.”

—Casey Hudak, BRIDGE participant: playwriting focus, 2011
BRIDGE Apprentices receive mentorship, professional training and a culminating public showing of her/his work in the areas of Performance, Directing or Playwrighting or Design. Program commitment is 3-6 months depending on foolsFURY’s production schedule, and the Apprentice’s goals, geographic location and school schedule. The BRIDGE Apprenticeship Program may also serve to fulfill other extra-curricular requirements within your high school or university, and foolsFURY will work with you and your school to accommodate any requirements you may have.
“The Bridge program is ideal for a very passionate multi-talented practitioner, who loves acting, has an eye for directing, an ability to manipulate objects, design sets from your body, move in an ensemble and as an individual.”

—Kirsten Dwyer, 2014 BRIDGE participant: performance focus


Everyone has a great idea for a show, but do you know how to produce it? FoolsFURY believes a key component of successful ensemble theater professionals in the non-profit world is having confidence to solicit financial support. To that end, BRIDGE program fees consist of part individual contribution/grant/fellowship and part fundraising. Between 10-25% (e.g. $210-$525) of your total program fee is expected to be raised by a crowdfunding campaign created under the mentorship of foolsFURY staff and with the other program participants.

Watch the 2014 crowdfunding video

Help Make BRIDGE A Reality from Alec White on Vimeo.

The Culminating Project:

This is your opportunity to focus on a creative project from start to finish. You are encouraged to question what you know about how to make theater and explore new ways of working.

Program Duration and Time Commitment:

Every participant is unique. Depending on foolsFURY’s production schedule and the participant’s needs, objectives and logistical constraints (work, academic calendar, etc,) the duration of the program may last as few as 2 months and as long as 6 months. During the program, participants are expected to be available for meetings with their mentor and cohort either in person or via skype once per week. Hours per week will vary, from 3-20 depending on the individual’s project and foolsFURY’s production calendar.


Applications are considered on a rotating basis. 1-5 candidates are chosen per year.


If you are interested in applying for the BRIDGE Apprenticeship Program, and you are between the ages of 16 and 26, please contact Co-Artistic Director Debórah Eliezer.