13th Floor in Space Pilots in Spaaaace!

July 18, Wednesday – 7:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex
July 20, Friday – 7:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex
July 21, Saturday – 3:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex

Seven quirky military misfits are assigned a dangerous space mission, as punishment for infractions against the current government. Forced to communicate via ancient radio wave technology when their voices are literally silenced, Captain Jerusa Day and her crew crash-land on a seemingly hostile planet. But a series of misadventures with Argasian stardust, accidental interspecies reproduction, and a search for an alternate fuel source uncover the possibility of saving a dying world. Funny, thoughtful and action-packed, Space Pilots in Spaaaace! presents an off-kilter yet hopeful look at humanity’s future.”

Seating is available throughout the performance, but there will be some moving through the space as you experience the show. If you have special needs, please email info@13thfloortheater.org in advance so we can accommodate you. This venue is wheelchair accessible.

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About the Company:
13th Floor is darkly comic theater that moves. They create original scripted plays that don’t hold still – they are funny and wicked and intelligent, often with a literary bent. They aim for a delicate combination of accessible yet thought provoking, and will make you laugh just when you thought it was getting a little too dark.

13th Floor was founded in 2010 by Jenny McAllister, along with a troupe of talented performers equally adept at acting and moving. With a background in both theater and dance, McAllister and her company explore how narrative theater can be enhanced by character-based movement – using dance, fight choreography, or riffs on simple human gestures. When words fail us, how are we moved, and how do we move?