In addition to cutting performances and educational workshops, the FURY Factory also provides a forum for theater makers and the public to come together to discuss the nature, methods, and aims of the art of theater in our modern world. We hope that you’ll join us for these convenings. All are free and open to the public.

Claiming American Narratives: Place, Politics and Storytelling
Saturday July 14th, 11am-1pm, Z Below
Moderated by Torange Yeghiazarian, Executive Artistic Director, Golden Thread

What is an American narrative in the 21st century? Whose story is it to claim and why tell it now? How does privilege play a factor in story excavation and play production? Three festival participants whose work focuses on Latino, Chinese and Middle Eastern roots reveal their process, perspective and politics around the creation of each of their plays.

Panelists Include: Carlos Casas, Debórah Eliezer, Cynthia Ling-Lee

The Queer Practice of Ensemble Theater: A dialogue on allyship between institutions and queer artists.
Saturday, July 21st, 4pm-6pm, The Flight Deck
Moderated by Beatrice Thomas

Join us for an interactive dinner party of dialogue. The only thing on this menu is DIALOGUE. No food only food for thought! Our illustrious and a little bit infamous panel represents a diverse set of experiences and perspectives in the field but our dinner party is not complete with out your voice!

The discussion is set around a long table. The conversation is interactive. The public is invited to participate by tapping a panelist out or taking a vacant seat. The only rule is that there can never be an empty chair at the table.

The discussion will center around these generative questions: Is there a practice of queerness inherent within the model of ensemble theater? Can non-queer organizations authentically produce queer theater? How can these practices be elevated within ensemble theater to better support the work of queer artists and provide best practices for arts institutions seeking to create queer ensemble-generated work.


Panelists (clockwise from upper left): Seth Eisen, Monique Jenkison/Fauxnique, Joe Landini, Brad Erickson, Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe, Judith “Jud” Ferrer, Jaylyn Abergas (picture pending)

The Changing Nature of Live
Sunday, July 22nd, 3pm-5pm, NOH Space
Moderated by Ben Yalom, Co-Artistic Director, foolsFURY

The very quality of “liveness” is shifting as virtual worlds develop, immersive theater shifts ideas of narrative, and stories are conceived across multiple media. How is our new relationship to “liveness” changing the audience experience? How do artists engage digital natives? Join a panel of boundary-crossing theater makers as we discuss the changing nature of LIVE in theater.

Panelists Include: Claudia Alick, Steve M. Boyle, Pratik Motwani

Dramaturg Meet & Greet with LMDA
Tuesday, July 17th, 5pm-6:30pm, Joe Goode Annex

The Dramaturg is In! Enjoy an open office hour with LMDA Dramaturgy  Festival Facilitator, Emily DeDakis. Have a beer in our lounge and look at the many, varied ways dramaturgs collaborate in ensemble theatre & beyond. A chance to pose your burning questions (like, ‘what’s dramaturgy?) & time to talk about your own projects with Emily & other Bay Area dramaturgs. A laid-back get-together, connecting with some great theatre artists. Dramaturgs, artists and the general public are invited. Afterwards, join us for Raw Materials program B at 8pm.