marzipanik in The Woodland Creature Series

July 10, Tuesday – 8:30 pm at NOHspace
July 11, Wednesday – 8:30 pm at NOHspace
July 14, Saturday – 7:30 pm at NOHspace

The Woodland Creature Series by marzipanik is a three-part story told through text, dance and mask performance, weaving a tight dreamscape of choreography and image-rich language laced with absurdity and blunt confession. The play tears into the questions of how and why we feel the need to fight for individual expression. The full performance includes Trebuchets by Moonlight, Congress of Trees, and The Siege (a Work in Progress at 2016’s Fury Factory Festival).

The whole story is a journey through the turbulent mind of an individual awakening to a world he didn’t create and has no power over. The first piece, Trebuchets by Moonlight, is a narrative trip through the anger and frustration of feeling powerlessness, told by a cartoon wolf and his accompanying choruses, the Anarchist and the Architect. The middle play Congress of Trees serves as a bridge and comic diversion as representatives of the world’s trees gather to debate what they need to do to combat their declining population. The Siege lays out the insecurity and fear of not knowing how to go forward when there’s no clear path, told by a cartoon rabbit and his attending Chorus of Prophets and Chorus of Tramps.

Alternating between poetry, sincerity and silliness, The Woodland Creature Series pulls you into an honest conversation we all have as we navigate a society that demands iconoclastic individuality while compressing us into predictable marketing segments.

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About the Company:
marzipanik is a performing arts production company founded by ensemble theatre artist Ryan Hill: a writer, director, designer, performer with over two decades of performing arts creation and leadership. marzipanik creates new work that develops the quality and intimacy of live storytelling in all its forms. Performances are a rich combination of movement, text, music and design.