Lee Minora in White Feminist

July 18, Wednesday – 9:00 pm at Z Below
July 19, Thursday – 9:00 pm at Z Below
July 21, Saturday – 8:30 pm at Z Below

#BoycottBecky! Talk show host Becky Harlowe is filming this episode of Becky’s Time live. And you’re lucky enough to be in the studio audience as she crashes and burns. The only thing is she’s not going down alone! Applaud, smile, dance and speak only when spoken to as your host Becky presides with the hard hitting, serious questions only a daytime talk show host can ask.

With the best of intentions and the worst of exclusionary feminism, White Feminist is Megyn Kelly without the cue cards, Taylor Swift without the appropriated beats and Lena Dunham without the half-hearted apologies. We bet you 77 cents on the dollar you’re going to love it. 

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