LMDA partners with FURY Factory
For the fourth time, LMDA (Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas) is partnering with foolsFURY to hire dramaturgs for the Raw Materials works-in-progress series of the FURY Factory festival. Our three dramaturgs are conducting company interviews for the 9 new pieces presented in Raw Materials, and leading talkbacks after the performances.


Dramaturg Laura Millar’s interviews with the three companies of Raw Materials A   READ MORE

Dramaturg Austin Owen’s interviews with the three companies of Raw Materials B   READ MORE

Dramaturg Emily DeDakis’s interviews with the three companies of Raw Materials C   READ MORE
The partnership is coordinated by Emily DeDakis (LMDA Dramaturgy Facilitator for FURY Factory) with support from Nakissa Etemad (LMDA Regional VP Metro Bay Area).

SPECIAL EVENT: Join us for a Dramaturg Meet & Greet with LMDA – where you can explore your own script and performance ideas with Bay Area dramaturgs Tuesday July 17th from 5 – 6:30 p.m. at the Joe Goode Annex.

Raw Materials: Part of the foolsFURY Festival of Ensemble Theater, July 10th -22nd


Raw Materials Program A     READ MORE

Naomi Stein (SF) No Man’s Land
Felonious (LA) Curren$y (hip hop Merchant)
Alison De La Cruz Rooster Boi

Raw Materials Program B     READ MORE

A Host of People Cleopatra Boy
Cynthia Ling Lee (SF) Lost Chinatowns
The Stations Ensemble in Stations 2 (Bearing the Burden)

Raw Materials Program C     READ MORE

Hope Mohr Dance in Leaving the Atocha Station
Square One Collective No Place
Re:Act Dracula