Pelú Theater in Pícaro, bitácora de un migrante

July 11, Wednesday – 7:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex
July 13, Friday – 7:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex
July 14, Saturday – 2:00 pm at Joe Goode Annex

Lazarito, a 13-year old boy from Guatemala, is forced by circumstances to leave his family, his home town. Seen as the only savior, a potential door for a better life, he is guided to embark—the journey of immigration. What’s ahead? Crossing the giant country of Mexico with the eyes set on the land of the free.

Trains, thieves, friends, food (or lack of), priests, nuns, coyotes… Lazarito grows up, ‘trickstering’ around, finding his way through this treacherous journey.

Elements of contemporary circus arts, physical comedy, masks, magic, music and the audience playing the role of accomplices will serve as main vocabulary for the re-telling of this classic tale.

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About the Company:
Pelú Theatre Inc. is a company based in Charlotte, NC but rooted in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  As a result, its artists are interested in the conversation between the theatre tendencies of these two particular places, giving birth to a third theatre out of a cultural limbo.  The company is mainly interested in fusions… circus and theatre, Commedia and melodramas, clowns and death.  When these “stuff” are mixed-up like rice and beans on stage, it creates that third scene that can only exist in front of the eyes of the audience.  This unique scene, made out of mixed ordinary “stuff”, is what keeps the audience at the edge of their seats, exactly as Pelú wishes it.