Pratik Motwani in #//<EMBEDDED>//#

July 18, Wednesday – 8:30 pm at NOHspace
July 19, Thursday – 7:30 pm at NOHspace
July 21, Saturday – 8:00 pm at NOHspace

#//<EMBEDDED>//# is a multimedia piece of digital comedy which combines Film Projection, GIF Animation, Prezi Presentation and Physical Theatre with disco balls, afro wigs, pink sunglasses, polka dotted lycra pants and fake teeth. 

A peek into the outrageously hilarious broadcasting room of a diffident and quirky, basement-dwelling computer nerd who creates a flamboyant super-cool (so he thinks) virtual identity of himself that begins to make youtube videos in an attempt to connect with the outside world. The acts begin to get funnier, the videos more unabashedly hilarious and the virtual identity bolder, louder and more extravagant. To what extent will he go to keep that BUZZ going.

A world desperate for real connection.

A world from which it is impossible to disconnect.

A world in which all connection/communication happens only via a Wall. 

A show with a real Climax!

An introspection on notions of identity and image, reality and perception, our need for real connection and inclusion coupled with our inability to disconnect our selves from the virtual world (and our virtual identities in it). A revolt against all such virtual identities and virtual walls – of race, color, gender, class, religion, nationality etc that we build or are systematically imposed upon us that divide, separate, exclude, regulate and restrict us from real connection and access to our selves and each other. 

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About the Artist:
Originally from Mumbai, India Pratik is an Actor/Theatre Maker/Theatre Educator with a specialization in eastern and western forms of mask performance technique and devised physical theatre. He holds an MFA in ensemble based physical theatre from Dell’Arte International, Blue Lake, CA where he now works as a resident artist, teacher and company member.

As a self producing actor/creator Pratik likes to collaborate with other national/international artists and cross genre/ cross sector partners in an ensemble based process to create, produce, tour original works of devised physical theatre; His work seeks to manifest new worlds by integrating multiple mediums/art forms and searches for new/unique forms of theatrical vocabulary and story telling within it. His work often contemplates themes of identity, inclusion, transformation, illusion and duality and includes aspects of Commedia Dell’arte, mask performance, heightened physical movement and Clown.