July 17, Tuesday – 8:00 pm at Z Below
July 19, Thursday – 7:00 pm at Z Below

The Raw Materials series portion of the festival showcases works-in-progress. It provides a way for ensembles who produce devised work the opportunity to gain critical feedback through performance and audience engagement. Come see adventurous new works of theater at the point of their creation, with audience talkbacks led by LMDA dramaturgs.

Learn about the LMDA/FURY Factory partnership, and learn more about the below shows by reading an interview with the artists of Raw Materials B and an LMDA Dramaturg.

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A Host of People in Cleopatra Boy
A Host of People is a Detroit-based theatre company led by co-directors Sherrine Azab and Jake Hooker. They create art around these questions: How can they host more people into theatrical works that are complex and multifarious; work that is poetic, visual, multi-focal, and frees the viewers imagination, curiosity and spirit? We draw from existing literary works, collaged texts, historical figures, social movements, and personal story, among other sources.

Cleopatra Boy explores the many and varied representations of Cleopatra since antiquity, always with an eye to their contemporary resonance: the rise and fall of empire, rampant colonialism, the exoticization of non-Western people, the East/West binary, and especially the long history of the denigration of strong leaders who are women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ individuals rather than the straight, cisgender, white male leaders we have been conditioned to accept since time immemorial. The piece uses a wide range of sources from Plutarch to Shakespeare to Elizabeth Taylor and recent historical scholarship on ancient Egypt, while employing the contemporary theory and practice of restorative justice to re-imagine anti-patriarchal power, in Cleopatras time and our own. We dramatize the methods of restorative justice and truth and reconciliation commissions to examine how depictions of Cleopatra have been shaped through the male gaze and extrapolate from her story a new redressed and restored vision for the future.

Cynthia Ling Lee in Lost Chinatowns
Cynthia Ling Lee instigates postcolonial, queer, and feminist-of-color interventions in the field of Asian diasporic performance. Committed to intimate collaborative processes and foregrounding marginalized voices and aesthetics, Cynthia is an assistant professor of dance in the Department of Theatre Arts at UC Santa Cruz and a member of the Post Natyam Collective, a transnational, web-based coalition of dance artists whose work triangulates between art-making, activism, and theory.

Lost Chinatowns is a multimedia dance-theater work exploring the destruction, lost vibrancy, and historical erasure of Santa Cruzs Chinatowns from 1860-1955. Santa Cruz, now known for being the ultra-liberal leftmost city of the US, was once the center of virulently xenophobic anti-Chinese racism in California in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The works visuals and texts will draw upon oral histories of former Chinatown residents, as well as historical archives of photographs,19th century anti-Chinese propaganda, and court transcripts of immigration cases. Lost Chinatowns aims to make connections between the historical othering of Asian bodies and current xenophobic regimes in the era of Trump as an act of interracial solidarity between people of color. Lost Chinatowns is being developed in part through Borders Resurfacing, a transnational creative exchange by the Post Natyam Collective.

The Stations Ensemble in Stations 2 (Bearing the Burden)
The Stations 2 (Bearing the Burden) project is a ceremonial, durational performance event being developed for the 2020 spring equinox. The finished performance of original work will last a full day and tell the stories of a matriarchal lineage of three women and their echoing struggles with the inherent injustice of womanhood. The performance merges Japanese Noh conventions and the Way of the Cross Chronicle to create a ceremonial, communal experience that will transform the performers, the audience, and the space. For this years FURY Factory Festival, they will perform excerpts from the initial experimentations with text, movement, music and chorus.

New Works Being Built – Join the Conversation
Dramaturgs from Literary Managers & Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) will lead talkbacks for the companies at each Raw Materials performance, giving the audience a voice and the artists new insights as these adventurous new works continue to grow.

LMDA & foolsFURY first partnered in 2013, connecting dramaturgs with the ensemble companies presenting fresh works-in-progress at Factory Parts & FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble and Devised Theater. Learn more about dramaturgy at lmda.org. Join LMDA Dramaturgy Facilitator Emily DeDakis, and other Bay Area dramaturgs, for a meet & greet during the festival.