The Seeing Place
What is our relationship to tragedy? Who decides the rules of justice?

The Seeing Place explores the startling connection between Greek protagonist Antigone and real-life Martha Mullen, the woman instrumental in burying the alleged Boston Bomber Tamarlan Tsarnaev. Despite public outcry and political backlash, each of these women challenged social norms in the name of justice. In developing the piece, we liberally pulled from various translations of Antigone, use blog posts, tweets and original text to weave a narrative of loss, longing destiny and fate.

The Seeing Place was created in collaboration with French American International High School, developed as part of Factory Parts, foolsFURY’s work in progress series, and has performed 6 iterations in development.

Conceived by: Alicia Coombes, Ben Yalom, Debórah Eliezer, Brian Livingston
Past Collaborators: Diego Acosta,Elise Siegel, Miranda Hollingswood, Emlyn Guiney, Emma Jaster, Rebecca Longworth, Soren Santos, Marie Walburg-Plouviez


Director/Choreographer: Debórah Eliezer
Original Text: Elizabeth Spreen
Dramaturgical Team: Lisa Drostova, Debórah Eliezer, Elizabeth Spreen
Stage Manager: Rosalie Neal
Music Direction: Caitlin Tabancay Austin
Sound Design: Debórah Eliezer
Sound Editing: Scott Bailey
Costume Contributors: Martha Stookey, Marlene Yarosh

The Cast:

Darius, Bomber, Chorus: Darius Sohei
Kreon, Gus, Ruslan Tsarni, Chorus: Gustavo Alonso
Antigone M, Marlene, Chorus: Marlene Yarosh
Antigone G, Grace, Chorus: Grace Ng
Dionysus, Haemon: Joan Howard
Ismene, Chorus: Stefanée Martin
Soldier, Chorus: Paul Collins
Martha Mullen: Lisa Drostova

Baden Powell Wars

An irreverent exploration of the man who ignited the Boy Scout craze, Baden-Powell Wars mashes up the frontal cortex and down the khaki shorts of the Boer War hero turned world leader of young men who may have had feelings for the African chief he put to death. Who was he? Was he brave? Was he kind? Was he splendid? Be prepared.

Baden Powell Wars was created as part of foolsFURY’s work in progress series, Factory Parts and has performed 3 iterations in development.


Written by: Steve Morgan Haskell
Directed by: Steve Morgan Haskell

The Cast:

Lord Baden Powell, Henry Sorgen: Paul Collins
Uwini, Sunny Rage: Nkechi Emerua