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2018 Internship Details

2018 Internship Application

FoolsFURY’s 1-6 month internships are a unique opportunity for aspiring theater makers to experience first-hand the many aspects of working in a small cutting-edge theater ensemble. FoolsFURY places interns in the heart of the process, where your ideas matter. If you’re passionate about theater, foolsFURY can give you the experience and training you’ve been waiting for.

  • Help ​PRODUCE the FURY Factory Festival July 9-22
  • See shows, get training for FREE
  • Get INSIDE the world of ensemble theater
“All in all, my experience as a foolsFURY intern was exhausting, challenging, unpredictable and one of the best experiences I’ve had as a graduate student in the Bay Area. Cheers to foolsFURY for making exciting, ensemble theater, and for giving the next generation the opportunity to cultivate what it takes to do the same.”

—Stefanée Martin, Hospitality/Performance intern 2014, MFA ACT, Starred in “The Get Down”/Netflix
“You will learn vulnerability, attention, and will be challenged to think creatively which is so important in creating significant theater.”

—Martin Borromeo, Production Intern, 2015/16 student, Binghamton University
“The intimate and ambitious nature of the company, combined with Ben and Deborah’s trust in and respect for their interns, created an environment in which I could stretch my skills both as an artist and as an administrator.”

—Jillian Jetton, Production Intern, 2010, graduate Headlong Institute, B.A. Brown University
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