Midnight Brainwash Revival

Midnight Brainwash Revival (2001)

The West Coast premiere of this outrageous verse comedy by Kirk Wood Bromley was a mad circus of post-modern language and antics. False prophets roll across the desert and desperate tourists pony up cold hard cash for a glimpse at phony messiahs. This fantastical exploration of life in America during “The End-Times” is a hilarious bag of tricks, both delightful and nasty. In this sprawling modern verse play reminiscent of Shakespeare’s comedies, the fate of the Southwestern desert is at stake, gambled over by the nefarious real estate developer Mordecon (”Being large is my way of saying “Thank you!” to the world.”), the mythological song dog Coyote, a pair of deranged truckers, and more.

“Exceptional…a brilliant barrage of wordplay and low comedy.” - SF Bay Guardian

Midnight Brainwash Revival

“This irreverent and apocalyptic play is one of the most original I’ve seen in a while.” – San Francisco Weekly


By Kirk Wood Bromley
Director – Ben Yalom
Producer – Jennifer Caleshu

Performed by:

Lindsay Anderson
Jason Craig
Robert Hamm
Nick Hoffa
Stephen Jacob
Jessica Jelliffe
Mary Knoll
Alexander Lewis
Eric Rhys Miller
Kate Sheehan
Sky Soleil
Cat Thompson
James Willson

Live Music – Claire Monty / Charles Sommer
Set Design – Adam Savage
Costume Design – Emily Hastings / Bambi Sanders
Lighting Design – Alex Lopez
Graphic Design – Wendy K. Yalom
Stage Manager – Miesha Brodsky
Movement Consultant – Liz Burritt
Fight Choreographer – Neil Worden