foolsFURY Theater Presents:
A solo performance by foolsFURY ensemble member Debórah Eliezer

Touring in 2018

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Directed by: Ben Yalom

“Eliezer tells her father’s story in an effort to stake a proud claim to her own identity as an Arab Jew in an America that assumes all Jews are of Eastern European origin.”
—Lily Janiak, SF Chronicle

“(dis)Place[d]…is so beautifully written, performed and directed that you might wish it were longer”
—Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner

“This is courageous work. It’s clearly from a deep deep place. It’s a gift to your lineage.”
—Seth Eisen of Eye Zen

by Debórah Eliezer

A song sung in a language I can’t understand…A dream I can’t remember.

Debórah Eliezer cracks open the assumptions of her own identity through the story of her father, Edward Ben-Eliezer, an Iraqi Jew born in 1930, a member of the Zionist underground, a refugee, an Israeli spy, and an immigrant to America. The story follows  the little-known history and tenuous position of Arab Jews in Baghdad in the years leading up to, during and following World War II. Jews had been well-integrated into Iraqi life for over 2500 years, and made up a third of Baghdad’s population in 1940. Within a decade, nearly all 130,000 were gone, expelled, escaped, or killed. Today fewer than 10 remain.

This powerhouse solo performance combines story, movement, music, song, recordings and segments of Edward Ben-Eliezer’s 2007 video interview with the National Holocaust Organization. Eliezer creates several different characters, including her father at three different ages, her great grandmother, their Iraqi neighbors, historical figures and The Land itself.

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foolsFURY's (Dis)place[d] – Trailer from foolsFURY on Vimeo.