FoolsFURY Professional Training Programs

Training for all: FoolsFURY is dedicated to providing dynamic, cutting-edge theater training opportunities to the public. Each year we offer a series of courses taught by the foolsFURY ensemble, and other master teachers from around the world. These explorations expand performers’ repertoires, help access the body and voice as powerful storytelling tools, and unlock new areas of creativity. For those seeking personal development and communication skills, our training removes barriers allowing for richer self-expression and increased confidence. The skills used in ensemble creation-making have innumerable applications, some of which include: professional theater, business teams, the next PTA meeting, cocktail party or anywhere a group or individual desires to improve focus, communication, range of expression, public speaking, and leadership.

Why all the fuss about training?: Our credo: on some level every moment of every play should be viewed in the same heightened manner as a musical number in a Broadway show, or an elegant modern dance. Every line of dialogue, every pause, the sound of every foot hitting the floor is the performer’s song. Every movement, every gesture, and every exit and entrance is part of an intricate dance. Attention and focus are what make stellar theatrical experiences. A rigorously high degree of focus, curiosity, and exploration is what makes brilliant performers and dynamic people. In recent years we’ve been proud to host such stellar teachers as Mary Overlie, the SITI company, Quinn Beauriedel of Pig Iron Theater, Stephen Wangh, Michael Lugering, Ron Campbell, and more, teaching diverse techniques including Viewpoints, Suzuki, Lecoq and Grotowski. We’ve also taught at universities across the country, as well as at the La Mama director’s symposium in Umbria, Italy. Please join us for one of our upcoming trainings – stretch your physical skills and your creative horizons.